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What is Zen Ki Yoga?

Zen Ki Yoga gives you the power to heal, strengthen and release your body, mind and energy all by yourself. 

Zen Ki Yoga®is a culmination of several different styles of Japanese yoga, Indian yoga, two different styles of shiatsu and 25 years of Janie Larmour’s experience of working with clients in yoga, personal fitness training and shiatsu.  It is deeply steeped in the knowledge of western anatomy combined with ancient energy healing work using the Zen Shiatsu meridians and the principles of yin and yang.  


While there may be the occasional up dog and down dog, you might end up doing an entire class lying on your back deeply working the core and strengthening the structure around your spine or the individual organs in your digestive, reproductive and circulatory systems.  You can literally target each organ with a range of specific moves for each of them and you can use other moves to target your meridians to balance the energy flow through them instead of using acupuncture or shiatsu. 


Zen Ki Yoga®gives you the power to heal, strengthen and release your body, mind and energy all by yourself.  There are 12 meridians and each meridian has anywhere between 10 – 40 + moves for each, making each class meaningful, different and rewarding.  Zen Ki Yoga®can also be used to realign the structure of the body, particularly the spine, posture, hips and neck helping you to get rid of long or short-term aches and pains.​ With its specific moves and fast results it is a rewarding and fun style of yoga to learn and teach.  There are lots of study options online and face-to-face with Janie in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and other locations in the USA and UK

If you are already a yoga teacher of any yoga style, you may opt to study separate modules such as back pain, psoas release, women’s health or the 5 seasons, which give you a great understanding of how Zen Ki Yoga changes with the seasons and how to work on individual organs within the body.  All trainings are available online. If you are looking to become a yoga teacher, you can enrol in the full teacher training diploma by distance education or the face-to-face training.  Distance education includes some Skype sessions so you still get some face-to-face time throughout the course with Janie.  Both are registered with Yoga Australia.  With Zen Ki Yoga teacher training you will be joining the growing list of teachers studying from all over the world, including London, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Canada, New Zealand and Australia-wide.

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