2020 DATES: March 1 – 29,  October 1 – 29 


YogaKoh is offering an amazing opportunity for you to experience your teacher training on the pristine and awe-inspiring coast of Northeast New Zealand. 

‘The Farm’ is a 1000 acre idyllic country setting nestled far away from any busy city center on the Northeast coast of New Zealand, filling the gap between the stunning Whangaruru harbor and the mighty Russell forest. 

Surrounded by arguably the most beautiful and untouched beaches of  New Zealand, our location is a beautiful getaway for anyone treasuring harmony, connection, creativity, and joy, in the lap of mother nature. 


YogaKoh teacher trainings follow the highest standard in yoga education. They are designed to help you understand and reach your highest potential. This one month, residential training offers a certification at the 200hr level that enables you to register as an internationally-recognized yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. Our trainings are held at some of the most beautiful locations on the planet, offering you the most sincere life-enriching experience. 

What sets YogaKoh apart is our strong focus on anatomy and our ability to seamlessly blend the philosophy of the East with the most up to date research from the West. 

We deliver this in a way that easy to understand and pass on to your students. Becoming a teacher with YogaKoh is becoming a teacher with a difference. 

We are setting a new standard of yoga education making sure our students are ready and capable of passing on this practice safely. 

You’ll learn about how yoga affects your nervous system, how it can protect your joints when done with care, why we sequence the way we do, what to look out for in your students and how to prevent injuries. 

We will encourage you to find your full potential and we can ensure our students leave the training fully equipped to teach. 

Find out for yourself why this is a training with a difference. We laugh, share, grow and learn together. You might come on your own, but trust us, you will leave as part of a koh-mmunity. 


The course will be run for 28 consecutive days with 3 days off within the month. 

Each day begins with an intense 2hr practice blending asana, pranayama, kirtan and meditation and is followed by a series of comprehensive lectures that will cover all varying topics: 


•           Daily practice

•           Asana (posture labs) 

•           Standing

•           Surya A, B, C

•           Backbends

•           Inversions

•           Arm Balances

•           Balancing

•           Seated

•           Twists

•           Forward Folds

•           Relaxation

•           Savasana

•           Pranayama / Breath awareness

•           Meditation

•           Developing a personal practice (Sadhana)

•           Mudras and Mantras

•           Thai Massage

•           Acro-Yoga


•           The Art of Teaching

•           Language

•           Cues and instruction of Asana

•           Safety in Teaching

•           Sequencing

•           Script Writing and Sequence Notation

•           Adjustments

•           Energy and how it relates to teaching

•           Pre-natal Yoga

•           Teaching to Absolute Beginners

•           Business of Yoga


•           Anatomy of the spine

•           Yoga Anatomy

•           Compression vs. tension

•           Cueing trends

•           Bandhas

•           Drishti

•           Nervous System

•           Injuries

•           Subtle Body Anatomy: 

•           Prana

•           Energetics

•           Koshas

•           Chakra system

•           Nadis

•           Gunas


•           History of Yoga

•           Lineage of Yoga

•           Yoga Sutras

•           8 Limbs of Yoga

•           Kriyas

•           Sanskrit

•           Ayurveda

•           Ethics of Yoga

•           Yoga beyond the mat


•           Daily Practice Teaching

•           Journaling / self-study

•           Readings

•           Feedback and assessment


Package #1: Dorm Style Accommodation $3800usd 

The dormitory has five single beds and is an open and flowing room with a high ceiling and a big loft for bag storage. There are wardrobe spaces and big french doors that open up to the main porch, letting plenty of light in. Shared bathroom 

Package #2: Twin Hut Accommodation $4300usd 

The style in each room differs but all are artistic and cozy, with dimmable lights and windows. The twin rooms are equipped with two single beds. Twin rooms are within 20m from shared toilets and showers. 

Package #3: Single Hut Accommodation $4700usd 

Private room with a queen size bed, own porch space, and clothes storage. Shared bathroom  


•           Course certification with manuals 

•           28 nights accommodation at The Farm

•           3 organic healthy meals a day + tea and coffee

•           Horse Trek and Horse back riding lesson

•           Surf Lesson

•           Kayak Excursion and free use of Kayaks

•           Free wifi

•           Towels and linens

•           Hangi Feast (traditional New Zealand BBQ)

•           Airport Transfer to and from Whangarei

•           Access to on-line digital manual

•           Continued guidance from YogaKoh faculty

•           Yoga photos 

•           YogaKoh gear

Further YogaKoh Yoga Teacher Trainings: 


April 18th – May 15th 

May 31st – June 28th 

August 2nd – 30th 

November 1 – 29th 

see for bookings, upcoming international retreats and info on how to join our koh-mmunity!