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Kriya Yoga

What is Kriya Yoga?

Sometimes called the alchemy of total transformation, the Kriya Yoga journey toward Samadhi uses spinal breathing to move towards the divine. 

By Yogiraj Siddhanath 

As a leaking vessel (diseased body/mind) never can fill 

The waters of life so pure and still 

So distracted mind fails to retain 

Wisdom’s nectar in its brain. 

Kriya Yoga is a simple process of spinal breathing. It is easy to practice, and cuts through the agency of negativity, disease, decay and death. It is not a religion; it is a science of the self, perfected by a well-coordinated pattern of breathing. Anyone who breathes can practice this fast-track evolutionary technique brought to us by the Himalayan Masters under direct guidance of the Mahavatar Babaji.  

In Kriya yoga, the first stage of transformation begins from the body. We must prepare the body to be healthy, fit, without aches and pains, and to have a healthy digestive system, circulatory system, endocrine system, respiratory system, and a healthy nervous system. This is achieved by the practice of asana. 

In the next stage of transformation through Kriya yoga, the practitioner finds that the balsam of yogic breath soothes turbulent emotions the hurt, and the suffering refining and transforming them to devotion and love. All the insults that the person has borne, all the hardships, the treacheries that the near and dear ones have committed, all these are transmuted by the rhythmic devotional breath of Kundalini Pranayama.  

In the mental process, the same pranayama, the practice of a systematic rhythmic breathing, cures psychosomatic disorders, like ulcers and asthma and sclerosis by calming the mind.  

To ease disease of random mind 

A remedy suitable we must find. 

A rhythmic breathing tension free 

With Kriya Yoga the sovereign key. 

Then moving to the next stage, the emotions that are hurt are transformed into devotion and life becomes a flowing stream towards the divine in pratyahar; which gives rise to Love. This manifests in devotional chanting, singing god’s praise, bhajans and hymns. The process of refining and transformation carries on step-by-step through consistent practice of Kriya Yoga. 

Then as the yogi begins to concentrate (dharana) and meditate (dhyan) the mind gradually becomes a placid crystal pool. The undisturbed crystal mind is a beautiful mind.  

Steady poise the arrow of your will 

And shoot the fleeting mind to still  

The deer of thoughts hinds and harts  

Felled by your concentrated darts. 

As one by one they die away 

Mind opens up to new day  

Where streams run tranquil and willows sway 

Here tame and gentle deer do play. 

Then begins the journey through various states of Samadhi. This thought-free state becomes the constant state of the yogi’s mind. With additional practice of advanced Kriya Yoga techniques given by the Satguru, the mind is gradually transcended leading to an internal glow. 

Then tamed and tuned to nature’s flow 

Mind melts into an opal glow 

Which radiates from the soul within 

Where wisdoms mystic fire is king. 

Continuing the journey, the yogi will move into states of mysticism. From an unkempt, dishevelled and disorderly mind, the yogi has organised the mind and the mind dissolves into the opal glow of divinity and becoming one with it the yogi gradually transforms to light. 

The refinement of the mind continues further. Consciousness expands and as intuition sharpens, the yogi may receive visions of gods and saints and goddesses. Perhaps they will envision beautiful Krishna, or perhaps walking with Jesus along the sea of Galilee and the yogi perhaps may realise himself or herself to be a disciple, or connected to other divine masters. From this enlightened state of Sarvikalpa Samadhi, the yogi is ready to move into more profound states of further transformation. 

After seeing these deep intuitions the yogi may even arrive at the Mount of Olives and contact the higher portion of Jesus, son of man, Christ, Son of God. The Christ state of temporary Nirvikalpa Samadhi is a radiant aura of electric blue. The yogi merges into that aura, and here there’s no form or figure just an eternal bliss called the Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness.  

This is what the persistent gradual practice of Kriya yoga does; from curing a practitioner’s physical pain to getting into the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. And in the transfiguration the yogi not only sees Elijah and Moses and Christ, the trinity on earth, the trinity in creation, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh but is transformed into this state. 

Finally moving further from the Christ state, the yogi transforms into the ineffable state of the Christos, Shiv Goraksha Babaji- the Babaji state of comprehending divinity.  

But this, my dear souls, is not the final stage yet because the yogi not only has to comprehend the God who is incomprehensible but also the God who is complete and therefore also comprehensible, complete and incomplete. All dualities have to dissolve and merge for the yogi to achieve this state of total transformation. 

The yogi then in this ultimate leap, merges into the finality of the comprehensible and the not comprehensible, the zero and the not zero, whose centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere, the state of Niranjan Nirvan, Kaivalya. I address this Consciousness simply as the Isness.  

That’s where the finality of yog takes one; to the true innermost being who is one with the Supreme Being, the transformation can then be said to be completed in that final Oneness. 

“Composed of nothing yet of which all else is sure composed 

It stands Supreme beyond all dreams Eternally reposed.” 

Yogiraj Siddhanath is a direct disciple of Mahavatar Babaji and empowers disciples into the sacred Kundalini Kriya Yoga.

For more information visit: https://www.kriyayogaaustralia.com/

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