Thinking about opening up a yoga studio? Or perhaps you want to start your very own yoga inspired shop. Or maybe, you just want to surround yourself with all things yoga. Check out these Asian destinations for all of your yoga shopping needs. 

Yoga is everywhere, in your home town, in big cities and in exotic countries. We all know that this ancient practice hails from Asia (India to be exact), so it would make sense that Asia is a great place to shop for yoga mats, mala beads and yoga clothes. You can even snatch up some great Buddhist inspired furnishings to decorate your yoga studio or even your home. If you’re looking for some unique yoga things unlike anything that you might find back home, check out these top Asian shopping destinations to satisfy your yoga fetish. 



One of the shopping meccas of the world, Bangkok is a massive city that’s known for its skyscrapers, traffic and overall congestion. Iy’s a shopaholics dream, with a plethora of places to go shopping. But if you really want to please your yoga fetish then you’re in luck. Pratunam is a great place to start, as it’s one of the city’s major shopping districts. Here, you will find thousands of shops packed into a maze of alleyways both indoors and out. It’s all about wholesale here, making it THE place to go shopping if you’re thinking about opening up a yoga clothing store. If you’re not looking to buy in bulk or want something less generic, head to V Activewear or Pree. We of course can’t mention Bangkok without talking about all of the great places to buy beautiful Buddhist inspired furnishing for you home and your studio. Chatuchak Weekend Market is the best place to do this, with section 2 being all about home furnishings.  

Hong Kong 

This unique destination is inspired by a mix of both Chinese and British heritage, and is an important hub in SE Asia. It’s also a fantastic place to shop to satisfy your yoga fetish. Things here are arguably of higher quality than they are in Bangkok, and definitely more unique. You can get some lovely yoga clothes – for both women and men – at Asia Yogies, while Yoga Design Lab has the perfect yoga mat to match. All of their mats are made from natural products and have beautiful designs on them. It’s like doing yoga on a work of art. They also sell yoga props like blocks, straps and balls, all designed to inspire your yoga practice. And of course, no trip to Hong Kong is complete without exploring Stanley Market or Cat Street for all of your Buddha statues, ornaments and furnishings. 


Bali oozes spirituality, and there are numerous shops on the island that cater to this, offering a wide range of items that will turn any space into a yoga haven. You can buy everything from yoga mats to Tibetan singing bowls, and anything else that you may need to satisfy your yoga fetish. The Bali Shop is a great start, offering quality clothing and props made using natural products found right on the island. They also sell yoga mats, blocks, straps and cushions. For stylish yoga wear for both on and off the mat, check out OmPure Yoga Wear, where everything is made to feel like your in your second skin. They even offer wholesale prices. Take your yoga obsession one step further by surrounding yourself in all of the Buddhist furnishing you could possibly ever want, most of which come directly from Tibet! Snow Lion Gallery is the place for this, selling singing bowls, prayer flags, tankas, mala beads and buddhist statues. 


If you’re a true yogi at heart then you’ve probably heard of the company Manduka. They make really great, environmentally friendly yoga mats that are free of toxic chemicals and dyes. What you might not know is that Manduka hails from Singapore and there are a few shops on the island nation where you can purchase one, or many, of these high-quality mats. Their shops also sell yoga clothes, props and mat carriers. For more great Singaporean yoga clothing, check out Vivre Activewear, who specializes in quality made yoga clothing for both on and off the mat. All of your new yoga clothes wouldn’t be the same without some mala beads, which can be purchased at Ren Ting. This is a one-stop place for all things Buddhist, from singing bowls to statues of the eight auspicious symbols.