Awaken your potential! -

Awaken your potential!

InYoga for inner and outer balance

Are you feeling the calling to become a bigger, brighter version of yourself? If you’re ready to lead with your heart, empower your life and awaken your potential, then InYoga’s teacher training is for you!

Our inspiring and transformative programs are a celebration of life and living.  We offer yoga as a way to create inner and outer balance, and a lifestyle conducive to wellbeing and abundant vitality.  Whether you’re keen to teach yoga or want to dive deeper into self-inquiry and experience more from your own practice, our mission is to help you discover the timeless wisdom of the yoga tradition, by making it accessible and meaningful for modern yogis.

NIcole Walsh

Our 200-, 350- and 500-hour programs offer a completely integrated approach to yoga practice and philosophy, giving you the tools to make lasting changes in your health and wellbeing. We draw from the teachings of Vinyasa yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda, and blend this traditional knowledge with Western science and a modern understanding of the human body and energy system.

Throughout the teacher training process you’ll cultivate a refined quality of attention that will help you expand your own inner wisdom, and take charge of your own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  We offer practices that support a natural flow of energy and allow you to uncover your fullest potential.

We start with powerful foundations of practice that interweave living philosophy with self-inquiry through the layers of our being:

  • Nurturing the physical body through the practice of yoga asana, while learning functional anatomy for health and safety of your body
  • Breathing for a balanced life, and skills for harmonising both the active and restful sides of your nervous system
  • Exploration of the cycles of meditation, and your body’s innate brilliance towards rejuvenation, healing and inspired action
  • Cultivating insight and emotional intelligence, resulting in respectful relationships with yourself, others and your environment
  • An invitation to discover your own essential nature, that which makes you “you”. 

Through the groundwork of inspiring practices and your own personal growth journey, our unique and completely integrated teaching methodology will allow your authentic teacher within to emerge fully present and empowered!

You’ll be guided to share your gifts through the alchemy of yoga class sequencing, inspired language, heart-centred alignment cueing, creating your authentic teaching voice and ways of connection and cultivating the teacher-student relationship.

Your trainers, Nicole Walsh and Rod Galbraith, are passionate about sharing their combined 30 years of yoga teaching experience, and have developed a teacher training process that integrates deeply profound knowledge distilled from the yoga tradition with practical wisdom for living abundantly. 

Hundreds of InYoga teacher training graduates now span the globe, and are actively sharing yoga within their own communities.  If you’re ready to become a living example of health and vitality, and inspire others to evolve towards greater wellbeing, we look forward to embarking upon this life-changing journey with you!

200-hour Course Dates for 2020

200-hour Full-Time Teacher Training

3– 29 February 2020

200-hour Part-Time Teacher Training

14 March – 14 June 2020

200-hour Full-Time Teacher Training

3 – 29 August 2020

Further training to 350 and 500-hours

Take your teaching and skills to the next level through our 50-hour Advanced and Empowered Teacher Training Modules.  Deepen your practice, refine the art of teaching and be guided and mentored to be the best you can be for your students.

Upon graduating from our 200-hour teacher training, we offer an accessible schedule of 50-hour modules to continue your training, deepen your knowledge and grow your skills.  These modules have been carefully crafted to enhance your teaching skills and give you a boost of encouragement and confidence to stay fresh and inspired on your teaching journey.

Advanced 50-hour Modules includes

1.Alignment, Anatomy & Assisting

Go deeper into functional anatomy and explore the art of alignment, taking into consideration variations in the human skeleton; how the body moves and how we become restricted; discover the skills required for offering appropriate hands-on assists.

2.The Art of Sequencing

Discover the alchemy of yoga class sequencing to create well-structured and intelligent classes, and take your students on an empowered journey. Learn also the art of adaptation and teaching multi-level classes – making your yoga practice relevant to the students who show up for class, with strategies to effortlessly modify and adapt your sequence.

3.Meditation Teacher Training

Learn the wisdom and skills to guide your students’ awareness fluidly through the layers of their being, through a natural, life-affirming approach to meditation that is innate in all humans.  Discover the language to guide meditation instinctively and effortlessly, and the various “doorways” into a connected and deeply profound meditative experience.

Empowered 50-hour Modules includes

1. Language, Theming & Philosophy

Artfully link together anatomical awareness and yogic wisdom in a way that speaks to your students’ bodies, hearts and minds.  Develop your own unique language and teaching style that offers students an exploration of yoga asana through form, function and feeling. Learn the language of self-inquiry that will allow your students to delve into their own unique experience of yoga.

2.Teaching with Passion & Purpose

Discover what inspires and motivates you as a teacher, find your “WHY” and learn how to teach from a place of passion and purpose. Learn how to communicate your “WHY” as a source for teaching and sharing your most authentic self.  You’ll receive personalized support to empower your teaching and work through any blocks, improving your presence and connection in the classroom.

3.Teacher Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program is dedicated to supporting the evolution, progression and development of yoga teachers through empowering techniques, personal coaching and supportive sangha (community).  Receive guidance & feedback on any aspects of your teaching you’d like to cultivate more deeply.


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