Omunay is designed to help you nourish your mind-body connection and cultivate creativity each and every day.

It’s tricky to prioritise yourself, especially when there are so many things to be done, places to be, deadlines, duties, and responsibilities. Yet carving out a small part of your day to connect to your mind and body can change your entire life. This is why Emma Hawthorne created Omunay, a website designed to help you to connect to your body, mind, and creativity from the comfort of your home.  

Emma is a professional musical theatre performer who has toured with many shows throughout Australia including Wicked, Mamma Mia, Hair and West Side Story. Many years ago though, whilst touring, Emma developed severe depression.

It was at this time that she connected with Yoga and Meditation and it transformed her life. It transformed her life so much that she went on to do her 200hr, 500hr, and Certificate IV in Yoga Teacher Training. 

Having spent the past 15 years on the road performing and teaching, Emma knows how difficult it can be to get to a physical class. Years ago, Emma joined an online yoga membership and it enabled her to connect with her mind and body every day no matter where she was travelling or how much space she had. Omunay is designed to help others nourish their mind-body connection and cultivate creativity each and every day. Classes can be accessed at anytime, anywhere – at home, at work, on holidays, wherever!  

The site is divided into three different sections; Move, Breathe, Inspire.  Emma’s movement classes include Yoga, Dance, Pilates, and InfusionFlo (yoga dance). All classes are purposeful as they are designed to cultivate mindful movement with connection to breath being at the core of all these disciplines.

And monthly membership is only about the cost of two coffees.  

Yet there are also some cheeky, fun classes like Jazzercise to get you out of your head, into your body, and taking yourself less seriously. Emma also has a younger brother with a mental disAbility whom she works with to create accessible classes. So no matter what your ability, there is a class for you. 

In the Breathe section there is Meditation, Pranayama (breathwork), and even Singing! The ‘Inspire’ section is dedicated to a weekly theme with inspiration, blogs, and challenges each week to keep you motivated and connected to your goals.  

The feature of the website is the Membership section where you have access to unlimited videos, content, and weekly inspiration. If you are wanting to create more time for yourself from the comfort of your home, connect to your body, mind, and creativity then you can start your free trial today. There are no lock-in contracts so you can come and go as you need. And monthly membership is only about the cost of two coffees.  

Are you ready to move, breathe, and inspire?