Past students often say that one of the best things about Tamara Yoga’s nationally and internationally recognised 350-hour Teacher Training is how deep it is. That is to say, it’s for the feint-hearted, and not for the people who come to class just to stretch a bit. 

Tamara herself maintains that it’s for those who’ve discovered something profound; something we feel we’ve been missing; yet it’s been deep within us. Truth. Connection. Bliss.

It’s like we start to experience feeling more like ourselves. And we have to learn more. And we can’t not share it. 

Experience for yourself why their trainees say:

“It’s no surprise that Tamara constantly brings out the best in the whole group to create an experience which is simultaneously totally grounding and completely inspiring. Whatever your reason, if you have any inclination to undertake teacher training, then do it. You’ll get more out of it than you imagined possible, and the contentment, love and laughter will stay with you and make you feel like every day is being lived to your fullest potential.” – Anna

“If you’ve ever thought about it, perhaps now is the time for you. I know how much these teachings have changed my life and continue to do so….what are you waiting for?” – Bree

“I’ve moved through learning blocks that I never thought possible. In Tamara Yoga Teacher Training I have stepped into a Community of like-minded friends. I breathe, I open my heart and I am back in my body, TT has been a truly transformative experience.” – Bec

Teaching Yoga’s a gift and a joy. If you’ve got that kind of secret excitement that you know this is what you want to do, Tamara Yoga would love to help you make it a reality, email them at info@tamarayoga.comfor an application form. 

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