The Cause of Happiness – Noticing New Sensations with Attentive Mindfulness

This meditation will help you develop attention to the present moment, which is actually building up the prefrontal cortex of your brain as you practice Focussed Attention style meditation and noticing.

It is absolutely the best thing to know….

People who focus on their present moment experience (in other words, people who were being ‘mindful’) are significantly happier than people whose minds wandered away from the moment.

Even if we focus on pleasant thoughts over what is happening for us now and in the moment, we are still not as happy as those who are completely present to reality, giving attention to the present moment.

This goes for all our random activities too … even if the activity you are engaged in is deemed unpleasant, you will still be happier when you place your attention fully in the now.

“The average person’s mind is wandering around 47% of our day—and when the mind wanders we don’t feel happy.” 

Mind-wandering makes us vulnerable to depression, stress, anxiety, rumination and other negative emotional states. If we continue to seek external gratification as the source of our happiness, our unfulfilled wandering mind can become the very source of our deep discontent.

Money doesn’t make us happy either. Studies have long shown that as long as basic needs, such as food and shelter are met, additional wealth and material goods have little bearing on happiness.

The data shows us what wisdom traditions have long taught – that the keys to happiness – to true well-being and fulfilment – depend not on the external circumstances of our lives, but on the state of our minds and the quality of our consciousness. It is true “mind over matter”.

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