Both are hot, sweaty and great for your circulation and general well-being. So what’s the difference?

Both hot Pilates and yoga are designed to make you sweat. Sweating has many functions beyond cooling you. A Chinese study in 2016 indicated that the levels of most heavy metals were lower in those people who exercised regularly.

“Heavy metals were found in the sweat and urine with a higher concentration in the sweat, leading to the conclusion that, along with urinating, sweating is a potential method for the elimination of heavy metals,” wrote Healthline. The study also showed that harmful bisphenol A (BPA) was also removed in sweat. 

The major difference comes in the substance of the workouts. While alike, they are  different. Both are low impact, low intensity and have elements of stretching and breathing in them. Gaby Noble, a leading Pilates figure in the US, defines it as such: “Yoga is more about spirituality and breath, whereas Pilates focuses on mindful movement and strength,” says Gaby. “They both incorporate the powerful combination of body, mind and soul though.”

Most hot yoga classes are based on the teachings of Bikram Choudhury. It was widely called Bikram Yoga until Choudhury was accused of sexual harassment by several women in the 2010s and many studios dropped his name. The class followed a strict series of 26 poses in a room where heated to 40 degrees. 

In hot yoga, you hold each pose, whereas in hot Pilates, you are always moving, says Gabriella Walters, the founder of Inferno Hot Pilates. “I think the biggest difference is that hot Pilates is a fitness class. We are always moving, getting as many repetitions as possible within a 20-second period.”

Doing Pilates in the heat helps boost your metabolism and adds a cardio aspect to the workout. In the heat your heart rate increases much like going for a jog but without the impact on your joints. The sweating is also great for your skin and increasing circulation.

Health Benefits of Hot Hilates 

Crank up the heat: Benefits of doing Pilates in a hot room include detoxification and boosting the immune system

  • Detoxification: sweating on a regular basis allows the body to release toxins
    and waste from within, providing room for vital nutrients and hydration. 
  • Healthy connective tissue: Pilates opens the body’s connective tissue. Hot Pilates enhances this process, allowing the body to stretch more fully, lubricate and renew, resulting in greater flexibility and energy.
  • Boosts immunity: viruses cannot survive in high temperatures, so increasing the body’s core temperature fights infections, which are pushed out through the
    sweat.  Practicing hot Pilates also increases the body’s production of white blood cells, which fight infection.
  • Weight Loss: stretching deeper builds more muscle, which burns more fat. Hot Pilates can result in weight loss. Diet also improves as the body craves healthier food when practicing regularly.