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A Retreat-Style Detox at Your Home

Nurse Practitioner Jacqueline Smith reflects on giving herself 7 days for a complete physical and emotional reset with Oneworld Ayurveda’s Detox & Reboot Program  

I am a nurse practitioner in Perth. When COVID hit life changed dramatically as I was part of a team tasked with setting up the first nurse-led clinic. I was stressed and overwhelmed.  

I saw the OneWorld Detox & Reboot program pop-up online and saw it as the perfect opportunity to step back and focus on looking after myself—my diet, my health, boosting my immune system and getting back into my yoga practice. We don’t have a cure yet for COVID, so if I did get sick I wanted to give myself the best possible opportunity to make sure I didn’t get really sick.  

Signing up was very straightforward, I popped in my details, and got a confirmation email with the recipe book and shopping list well before the program started, giving you time to gather all of your ingredients.  

The recipes were super-easy and there are some great videos on how to prepare everything. It was quite meditative, taking the time to prepare the food, which we don’t do all the time when we’re just grabbing stuff out of the freezer. The food was very tasty—I loved the soups, juices, immune-boosting teas and Kichadi Dahl. I am still having them now because they were so simple to prepare.  

The yoga videos were just perfect, the way that they focused on different aspects, and I really enjoyed the meditation. I don’t normally get up at 6 am but I saw this as an opportunity to be on a proper retreat so every morning I was up doing the cleansing and the yoga—I loved it! Every morning you are greeted with Desi, Wayan and Iyan’s beautiful smiles and hearing the roosters in the background. I was actually popping my Oneworld Incense on and I could almost imagine I was there. It was such a treat.  

I was fearful of the detox day but it wasn’t hard, the whole regime and the cleansing were very easy. On my detox day, I had a very relaxed day—just focusing on my body and what it needed to cleanse itself. The next day I woke up and I suddenly realised I didn’t have any of the reflux which I’d been suffering from. My skin had cleared up and I felt this energy—I didn’t feel like I needed to sleep at 3pm. It was a turning point, I felt so awake and felt so, so good. I was surprised at how well I felt.  

Emotionally I was carrying a lot of stress and angst around the whole COVID situation. After doing the program my anxiety went away—I had come back to my centre. In terms of my health, my coughs and sore throats, caused by my reflux, were all gone.  

It was a turning point, I felt so awake and felt so, so good. I was surprised at how well I felt.  

By sticking to the Ayurvedic principles I have made a big difference to my health, I feel really well, both physically and emotionally. That in itself is so good for my immunity.   

My recommendation if you do the program is—follow it completely, it has been put together so well, it’s easy to do and you will be floored by the benefits and how much you can achieve in such a short time. 

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