Is yoga a part of your daily routine? Adding in the use of a headstand bench is a great way to feel your best and keep your routine fresh. A headstand bench is made to help you do headstands without the pressure on your neck, arms, and shoulders. It can improve blood circulation and reduce pain throughout your body. We’ve done a some research and found that the FeetUp Headstand Trainer is one of the safest designs on the market and is eco friendly. The shape and sturdiness of the Feet Up trainer will keep your neck and shoulders safe while doing a headstand. Safety should be your top priority when picking a headstand bench. This is the original headstand bench that was made with safety in mind. It will keep you protected from sliding and reduces tension on your neck and shoulders. This is a vegan product, the packaging is eco-friendly, and they plant a tree for every bench sold. For more info go to