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Spot Weight Loss with Yoga?

For years we’ve been told that you can’t spot weight loss. But by understanding your meridians, you can and do much more, writes Janie Larmour 

Working with your meridians and being able to put strength into your actual internal organs is an exciting game changer for yogis.  When we add some simple knowledge of what the meridians do for your health, emotions and body shape it gives you the power to heal yourself from the inside out and even gives you the power to spot weight loss, but more about that later. 

Meridians are energy pathways that run throughout your body and connect with an organ.  Even though the meridian is named after an organ, the meridian influences far more body, mind, spirit and emotional factors within us than the work the organ is known for in western medicine. 

There are 12 main meridians and certain meridians are related to each season with the season being represented by one of the 5 elements of Japanese/Chinese Medicine.  Each element and its corresponding meridians also relate to specific areas of your body to target for weight loss. 

A brief look at the elements and meridians with some of their relationships. 

table for meridians

**The Fire element has two extra meridians: the triple heater and the heart constrictor, which assist the heart, have a lot to do with circulation and communication. 

Many Japanese style yoga styles, such as Zen Ki Yoga work specifically with the meridians using unique, moving asanas to target each specific organ in your body that are unlike the traditional yoga asanas you are used to, in fact you could do an entire class lying down but still be challenged from deep within. 

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For years, the belief that you can’t target specific fatty areas, or spot weight loss, was true for the health industry.  We were told that while you can shape your body with weights, it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily lose the fat from that area, but that is simply because we weren’t working with the meridians of Traditional Chinese/Japanese Medicine.  With Zen Ki Yoga, however, because it works with the meridiansand the organs, you can target any specific part of your body and even the wrinkles on your face. 

This is no new fad either. This information is thousands of years old. Your body is like a map – every part of your body relates to a different organ or body system (digestive system etc). We look at the part that is out of condition (or fat that has accumulated in a certain area) and we look at the related organ and/or system. We fix the internal part and make it function properly and the fat accumulation in that area orhealth problem changes. 
If you have ever tried to tone your body or lose weight, you may have realised by now that conventionalmethods are difficult, repetitive and often pointless or a waste of time. For example, how many of you have tried to tone up the back of your upper arm (the tricep area) so it doesn’t flap around.  Sometimes this area is referred to a ‘tuck shop arms’ or ‘bat wings’. This area will never tone up by doing tricepexercises… Sure the muscle will grow and it may hold up ‘some’ of the fat around that area but it won’t burn it and it will still hang. 
This area is a direct reflection of your digestive system and specifically your small intestine. It is also true that the fat on your tricep area reflects to the amount of fat on your thighs. Your thighs too, reflect the health and state of your digestive system, but they are more specific to your stomach meridian, which controls the digestive system (with the spleen meridian). Toning your digestive system, meaning, your internal organs such as your stomach, spleen, small intestine, large intestine and liver will help reduce the fat on your belly, thighs, your bum and triceps. 
This is what sets Zen Ki Yoga and many other Japanese yoga styles apart from traditional Indian styles of yoga and definitely apart from western methods of exercise. You can literally tone your organs so they function better. When they function better, your outer body tones up and your shape changes. 
Similarly, when you tone up your digestive system, you tone your jaw line and face. It is the job of the spleen to hold everything up.  That means your organs and your face.  A good spleen energy will help you stay ‘lifted’.  If the bladder is not strong and toned, you lose the definition under your chin directly under your mouth. The areas out to the sides of your jaw line all the way up to the ears reflect your small and large intestines. You tone these up and your tone up your jaw line. It’s not always OLD AGE as most people believe. Haven’t you seen young people who have lost their jaw to their neck? If the entire jaw line has fallen, so has the digestive system and urinary system!! 

Main Photo by kike vega on Unsplash

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