After a year from Hell, Yoga Journal will be available as a printed magazine. Here’s what you need to know

Wow, 2020 was a shocker in so many ways for so many of us. But there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not bright, but it’s there. So for Yoga Journal that means we can start printing the magazine again. That means subscriber copies will soon start to be delivered again.

On that note, we want to thank you, dear subscribers, for your patience and understanding. To those who supported us and understood our predicament through Covid, a genuine, heartfelt thank you.

Things have changed here’s a quick introduction

I am already a Subscriber. What’s happening?

We are just all going to overlook 2020 and start again. So your subscription will pick up exactly as if 2020 didn’t happen.

But I’ve moved. How can I change my address?

No problem. Most subscribers were sent an email with a login to their account. When you do logon, you can.

  • Change Address
  • Check How Many Issues Left
  • Add Details like email and phone
  • Put a subscription on hold
  • Renew Your Subscription
  • Buy a Gift Subscription

I didn’t get an email

Don’t worry. We didn’t have email addresses for all subscribers as some people subscribed through a third-party like iSubscribe, who didn’t share email addresses. If you didn’t receive an email from us detailing how to log on, send us an email to with as much information as you can, like name, previous address and email. We’ll find your details in the database and email back very simple steps to logon.

How do I log on?

Simple. Head here. You use your account number and your postcode. Fill in both and you’ll be directed to your login page. If you didn’t get the email or don’t know your account number, email us

When’s can I expect my next issue?

The printed magazine will be delivered to subscribers in mid April and follow every two months. The first issue is being written and designed now.

I’d like to advertise

If you’d like to advertise in the magazine, you can contact Ali at

Can I subscribe or resubscribe?

Yes, easily. Just click here to resubscribe. We now offer print and digital editions on the site or you can get both, as well as back issues, products in the shop and much more is coming.


Thank you again. We appreciate your patience and look forward to making a fantastic magazine for you again.