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Bring People Together with the Benefits of Yoga

In this current climate where the world is changing so rapidly, becoming more fast-paced while presenting constant emotional and psychological challenges, daily yoga practice can help to maintain your mood, balance your emotions, keep you connected to your body and connected to others around you.

Benefits of Yoga

There are many advantages to doing Yoga and science is beginning to draw a correlation with those who practise Yoga and meditation regularly to a reduction in stress and stress-related chronic illness. One of the major advantages of yoga practice is learning to use the breath to reset the nervous system. In this fast-paced internet-connected world, there is an overwhelming amount of information thrown at us daily. This can impose stress on our mind and bodies, setting our adrenaline and cortisol levels high, consequently impacting our digestive system, muscle and skin health, and over activating our limbic brain response. When presented with a stressful situation, applying breathwork can help reset, provide clarity and prevent panic.

Big benefit: Yoga and Connection

While self-practice is a great habit to maintain for personal health, there are extra benefits that come from attending studio classes, group sessions or retreats regularly. Firstly, connecting with an experienced and well-taught teacher can be the key to making sure you are working to achieve your best practice. A teacher can objectively and compassionately identify and correct errors in our practice that affect our physical, emotional and psychological health. Through their shared wisdom we have a better chance for personal growth and transformation through our practice.

Yoga is an ongoing process of learning and working closely with a teacher and yoga communities can be an essential part of that. However recently, with the current pandemic, many have been unable to access teachers, studios and communities. New ways of practice have been formed to help everyone remain centred and connected through an otherwise isolating time. Moving yoga online has helped maintain a connection with others while also allowing for the expansion of communities. Lockdowns have seen the opportunity to get the whole family involved in practice at home, exercising with friends through Facetime and accessing online yoga communities on a global scale. Worldwide, yoga teachers are offering their practice online, presenting opportunities for those to practice with teachers they haven’t had access to previously. Although we are apart, yoga can bring people together.

Yoga Teacher Training

Another area of online connection that is growing rapidly is online Yoga Teacher Training. There are now online options for Nationally Recognised and Accredited Teacher Training courses to help take your yoga journey to the next level. When selecting a Yoga Teacher Training qualification, it is important to consider a course that provides a holistic approach, covering philosophy, history anatomy and physiology and healing components of yoga as a therapy. Demi International’s Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practice is a 12-month course with a blended delivery of online and face-to-face training. This in-depth training across 1800 hours allows students to explore yoga further while gaining the wisdom of their mentors which they can consequently pass on in the future. Covering a wide range of Yoga practice including Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra allows for Yoga Teacher Trainees to develop a well-rounded foundation and go on to provide quality advice, guidance and training to their students.

If you are ready to explore Yoga Teacher Training and join the Yoga community, contact Demi International to learn more on how to get started.

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