Finding Fluid Motion

With a love for fluid acrylics and an eye for gorgeous artwork, Emilia Rosehart talks to YJ about reconnecting herself to the meditative state of creating.  

With a love for fluid acrylics and an eye for gorgeous artwork, Emilia Rose talks to YJ about reconnecting herself to the meditative state of creating unique yoga mats.  

When did you start your Yoga business?

The brand Emilia Rose started in 2016 when a fellow yogi friend of mine suggested creating functional art to practice on. From that moment, I went on a journey of creating a collection of 16 unique yoga mat designs. To create this dream I sampled many different styles of mat and found the perfect fit for my vision of being earth-friendly but not sacrificing quality and longevity of the yoga mat. 

What inspired you?

In my early twenties I developed a deep connection with yoga after I went through a difficult time with my health. Art became a medicine for me during this time, and it was a natural progression to merge the two together. When I began the design process for the yoga mats I was amazed to see how the art perfectly flowed along the length of the mat. And then to see the art come alive on the yoga mats was a wonderful achievement for me.

What did you do before this?

I studied a Bachelor of Medical Radiation at the University of South Australia immediately after finishing school and went straight into Radiography from there. The opportunity to work in London arose a few years into my career so off I went to work and travel for two years. When I returned to Australia I immediately reconnected with my art. I began experimenting with fluid acrylics and starting selling my original pieces at local markets and exhibitions. This is where it all began.   

What is your favourite mat? 

This is a hard one for me to choose as they all feel special to me being my original artworks. But if I had to choose a favourite it would have to be Jupiter. It’s a very unique yoga mat.


unique yoga mat


I’m drawn to the earthy colour palette in Jupiter. when you see the design up close it really is so beautiful with its soft pinks that marbles into the deep umber patterns and then finished off with gold highlights. It has now become our best seller and I can see why. 

Do you think we will see more from your range? Art inspired clothes perhaps?

I have been working on something exciting which will hopefully be released by the end of the year. But not clothing just yet, maybe that will come down the track. For now we are sticking to what we know our customers love most and that is the yoga mat range. The next release will be a new style of mat that is constructed from a natural rubber base, a new ultra grippy top with never seen before designs and finished off with a luxe gold logo. They are going to be a popular choice with our yogis, especially those wanting to try out a new material or add a new design to their collection. 

Yoga mat on beach

How popular are the mats in the Yoga market since you started?

This all began as a hobby for me back in 2016 and has slowly grown from just word of mouth over the years, until recently when I saw the real potential these beautiful creations had in the yoga market with the unique designs and superior quality of the mat. There are now yogis flowing worldwide on their ocean, galaxy, sunset inspired artworks every single day. The growth is mostly from word of mouth which is the best compliment we could ask for. To us this shows that our goal of creating a yoga mat you can connect deeply to has come to life and translated to the proud owners of the yoga mats. Thank you to every single one of you who have supported and believed in us so far.    

What tips would you give to someone thinking about starting their own yoga-related business?

Find something you love and follow your intuition with it. Don’t worry about knowing it all, you will learn over time what works for you and your idea. Take inspiration from others but make sure you stay authentic to your idea. This has worked for us and we make sure to keep it light hearted when things don’t go as planned. Not every idea will be a success and that’s ok too.   

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