Fascial Health: Unhinge the body’s Matrix

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Cupping therapy is an ancient and gentle form of massage therapy using suction cups to knead the muscles and fascia

Cupping therapy is an ancient and gentle form of massage therapy using suction cups to knead the muscles and fascia. These fantastic tools have been used for centuries in many different cultures; Ancient Greeks, Arabs, Ancient Egyptians, Russians and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, just to name a few. Cupping therapy has recently become more popular in the western part of the world with massage therapists and physiotherapist now implementing the complimentary technique in a clinical setting. Cupping is a very easy technique which every household should adopt to improve overall health and wellness.

Traditionally, cupping was applied through the use of flame inside a cup shaped vessel (made of either glass, clay or bamboo), so that by the use of the flame the air pressure inside the cup would dissipate creating a vacuum inside the cup where it could then be applied to the body as needed. This process has since continued to evolve and we can now have very durable and high-quality cupping equipment ranging from traditional glass cups to more modern silicone cupping sets that are applied manually without the risk of fire.

Where traditional massage and massage balls apply pressure through compression directly into the tissue to illicit a positive pressure effect; cupping lifts the skin, fascia and muscle fibres up, lightly stretching and lifting the superficial layers and drawing in circulation to the area through negative pressure.

Cupping massage is a complimentary therapy ideal for home use to mitigate aches, pain and inflammation. This technique will not remove the need for a professional therapist however it will lengthen the timeframe between appointments.

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Relieves muscle pain and tight fascia
  • Increases blood circulation therefore reducing inflammation & toxins while increasing oxygen & energy flow
  • Promotes removal of metabolic waste
  • Loosen and releases adhesions
  • Breaks up & expels toxins
  • Improves the flow of lymphatic fluid
  • Relaxes the Nervous System and reduces anxiety
  • Can reduce stretch marks, scars, cellulite & adhesions
  • Increases pranic flow Often after cupping, marks or discolouration can be seen on the skin. These ‘cup kisses’ are not bruising; they occur when the pathogenic factors are drawn to the surface of the skin. For as long as the ‘cup kisses’ are visible the healing is still said to be taking place. If a white or grey colour is evident after cupping this signifies a deficiency in prana / qi; if the colour is purple this indicates deep blood stagnation (which is typical after a long-term injury); if there is moisture inside the cup after treatment there is an excess of dampness in the body and if the colour is yellowish this indicates a phlegm condition. My Yoga Time offer the perfect combination of cups and ball for home massage therapy, also including a unique set of cups blending both the silicone and glass. The glass cup is suitable for tender areas such as the legs and abdomen (also easier to self- apply). Both cups are perfect for stationary and gliding techniques to release tension, muscle pain & adhesions and reduce cellulite and stretch marks. This tailored set includes both styles of cups along with a cork massage ball for optimal health achieved at home.

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