Authentic heart: Seane Corn Profile

Upon first assessment, Seane Corn’s catchy name, curly blonde locks and toned physique grab your attention, but it doesn’t take long to discover that something uniquely powerful exists below the surface. When the internationally-acclaimed yoga teacher and spiritual activist isn’t enjoying rare downtime with her supportive fiancé Al and their treasured cats in the mountainous […]

Learn the Wim Hof Technique at Dancing Warrior Yoga

Wim Hof

“Do you have the courage to take the plunge? Do you want to learn how to strengthen your bodies’ immune system through creating your own inner fire? Are you ready to step into your full potential? Join Richard Ayling and learn more about the Wim Hof method. This is the first time the Hof method […]

Kirtan: Are we ready for a mantra renaissance?


Does kirtan in the west need a tuning overhaul? Kirtan and mantra chanting are now found across the globe as a part of the modern yoga movement. However, Western Kīrtan has adapted to a western ear, losing its connection to the ancient language from which it stems. The Sanskrit alphabet is a language filled with […]

Why caring less is the greatest act of self love

abundant life

This may sound a little odd at first but bear with me. How could caring less be an act of self-love? Have you ever stopped to think about why you carry so much emotional pain in your life? What is the cause of that pain? Hint – it’s nothing to do with anyone or anything […]

Yoga Behind Bars

I started practicing Yoga over 18 years ago when I was pregnant with my son, but my practice was inconsistent. I would binge on loads of classes, then branch off and do other fitness activities, steering clear of yoga for months at a time. But the feeling I had when I left a yoga class always stayed […]

Ben Lee’s Inner Life

It takes a true artist to publicly bare their soul like Sydney-born accomplished musician Ben Lee has over the last two decades. Ben’s artistry has evolved alongside his spirituality; his songs strike a chord with admirably honest, heart-opening messages. Based in Los Angeles with his actress wife, Ione Skye, and their two daughters, this musical […]

Hey, Soul Sisters!

I am on my favourite beach, frolicking naked in the shallow waves, on a devastatingly charming moonlit night. There is sand between my toes, stars above my head, and a gaggle of girlfriends by my side. We are dancing queens, kindred spirits. I am on a silent meditation retreat, tucked away in the glorious hills […]

Human Kindness

Yoga teacher Les Leventhal looks at the importance of truly connecting with others, and teaches us how we can learn to pay more loving attention to ourselves, our loved ones, and our Earth.   SUMMER TIME, green, eco … takin’ it to the streets … for me, this means tapas, the third niyama. Tapas is […]