Yoga Food: Feed your practice with an all in one superfood

Yoga food

Living in India for a year taught me a lot about my yoga practice.
 One important lesson was the impact food choices and dietary habits had on my overall growth within my yoga practice. Put simply, if I ate well and at the right times, practice was good, but if I ate the wrong food, practice […]

Natural Remedy: DIY home remedies every yogi needs to know

natural remedy

No one wants to run to the doctor for every ache, cramp, or cough. Indeed, 75 percent of respondents in a Yoga Journal online survey said they always try a home remedy first, and 98 percent said they wanted to learn more about home therapies. So, we tapped the collective wisdom of a range of […]

Food Connection: Creating peace before you eat for happy, healthy digestion


Let us say grace. This age-old tradition is often associated with religion, but in its essence, it’s a valuable practice — one that allows us to pause and reflect on the food we are about to eat. When we eat in a calm, grateful and connected manner, the impact is tenfold. We tend to consume […]

Waste Less: Eat Smart

eat smart

There ought to be a specific word to describe the feeling of creating waste by throwing out perfectly good food that still has prana, or life force—you know, the leftover rice from Indian takeout, the broccoli stalks your kid won’t eat, those egg yolks when the recipe only called for whites. It’s a combination 
of […]

8 Nutrients You Need for Better Sleep

8 Nutrients You Need for Better Sleep

  1. Magnesium Get it from: Almonds, cashews, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, salmon, yogurt 2. Melatonin Get it from: Bananas, cherries, flaxseeds, orange bell peppers, raspberries 3. Serotonin Get it from: Bananas, kiwis, pecans, pineapples, plums, tomatoes, walnuts 4. Omega-3s Get it from: Eggs, flaxseeds, salmon, sardines, trout, walnuts, yogurt 5. Potassium Get it from: Acorn squash, avocados, bananas, salmon, […]

Head balance


In Ayurvedic medicine, the mind and body are intricately connected. For true healing and rejuvenation, it is vital to look after the channels of the mind. Meditation — the practice of giving your mind time to be in stillness and to empty out, creating headspace — is key for maintaining a strong sense of physical, […]

Want to be vegan? Try this!

Going Vegan

According to Google Trends data for 2016, Australians have searched for the word vegan more than citizens of any other country. Why are so many of us ditching meat? For one, awareness is spreading that vegan eating is a natural partner to yoga. Ahimsa extends to animals, the planet, and you As a yogi, you […]