Yoga therapy for children: Mending the mind with yoga


Does the mind control the body or the body control the mind? From a yoga therapy perspective, the most effective way to impact the mind is through the breath and body – and this is particularly helpful to consider when raising children. When dealing with cognitive issues, we look to the relationship between the gut […]

Discipline development for kids through regular yoga practice


DO YOUR KIDS AND TEENS do things they know they shouldn’t? Do they not do things they know they should? The difference is discipline. We ask ourselves what’s the best form of disciple to prevent these reoccurring behaviours. The answer is not to discipline their behaviour afterwards, but to develop the characteristic of discipline beforehand. […]

Stress to Success: How to teach your teens to relax


Remember your high school years? THINK BACK to high school and a time when you were feeling pressured or stressed. Perhaps it was the end-of-year finals, a sporting match that mattered or your driving test. How we handled that situation is probably the same way we deal with stressful situations today. The way we managed […]

Holly jolly yoga Christmas

yoga christmas kids

Christmas is on its way and you have probably started thinking about the perfect presents to give your friends and family. However, if you are stuck for inspiration and yet you want to give the young ones you love something meaningful – a gift they can treasure for a lifetime – then we are here […]

Yoga can Help Fertility

yoga fertility

Correcting imbalances in the body through yoga and other complementary therapies can assist in easing fertility problems.

A mindful marriage: How your yoga practice can benefit your relationship

mindful marriage

Would you like a more mindful marriage? The practice and teachings of yoga have helped Sydney couple Harry and Bryony navigate the highs and lows of their work and their relationship. Jessica Humphries talks to the owners of Egg of the Universe – a yoga studio and wholefoods café — about their passion for spiritual […]

Confidence Booster

By Lorraine Rushton. Yoga provides some of the best tools for strengthening little bodies, minds and emotions: asana, breathing, visualisations and positive communication. Combine these together and you can equip your children with valuable tools to take into adult life. One desirable attribute is self-con dence. Numerous studies have shown that self- con dence will […]

Mindful Love

  I know it’s rough out there. You want to be authentic and genuine, allowing a sense of mindfulness to in ltrate every aspect of your life, not just your yoga practice. You don’t want to play games, but sometimes being too vulnerable means losing what you want. With the rise of social media apps […]