Brainspotting Therapy Helped Me Find My Blind Spots—and Face Them Head-On


The technique fuses sight, sound, and traditional talk therapy to trigger, discover, and safely resolve trauma. BY Wolf Terry I sat cross-legged on my therapist’s couch, just like every other Friday afternoon, except this time she sat on the couch next to me. After years of talk therapy to cope with PTSD, I was trying […]

How to build a successful Podcast following

Rosie Acosta, inspirational speaker, yoga and meditation teacher, and host of the hugely popular podcast Radically Loved, shares her tips for taking your audience from nobody to new heights. 1 Believe in your message When you’re passionate about something, it becomes infectious. Just like sharing an exciting story with your friends, if you’re excited about your […]

Authentic Activism: An interview with Seane Corn


AYJ – How did you come to activism and the creation of your organisation Off the Mat Into the World? How are these two things (yoga and activism) related for you? Seane – I have been involved with activism and social justice issues since the ’80’s. I worked as a front line activist for organisations, […]

Self Discovery: Finding and understanding yourself through yoga


LAUREN, A LOS ANGELES yoga teacher, slipped in a lunge while teaching and injured her ankle. Because she’s a practice- through-the-pain kind of yogi, she didn’t even stop to assess the injury before continuing her class. When she finally got to the doctor, she discovered she would have to stay off the ankle for at […]

Purusharthas for pleasure: Philosophies for more happiness in your life


As we settle into the year it’s a good time to reflect on your resolutions and ask yourself an important question: Am I leading a well-balanced life? And while it’s easy to get bogged down in the details—for example, you might set goals that relate to how you think you want to look or act […]

Goals with Soul: Set your intentions with the power of purpose


Goals with Heart WITH Easter over and memories of Christmas fading into the past, many of us will already be noticing how swiftly the year is galloping onwards. The reality of our busy, over-stretched lives can overtake our daily goals to achieve more and live with more vitality and spirit. After the fun, the fruit […]

Creative Genius: Tune into your passions to unlock your brain’s potential


IT’S ALL TOO EASY to find yourself on autopilot, simply going through the same-old motions: work, eat, yoga, sleep, repeat. And while sometimes sticking to your routine is a good thing – like showering every morning, without which you might start to lose friends! – it can also make your life (and, let’s face it, […]

7 Rituals to Love – Create Calm with these Peaceful Practices


LIFE has a way of spinning out of control. Even when you have organised your calendar and allocated clear spaces of time to dedicate to your practice, work and family duties can multiply and compete for your attention until every day feels like a race to get things done. Your practice and rituals get postponed […]

Festival Fever: Your guide to Yoga Festivals in Australia and Beyond


Yogafest ~ Brisbane and Sunshine Coast – Australia Yogafest is an oldie but a goodie, and is celebrating its 11th anniversary this year. Showcasing some of Australia’s greatest yoga talents, the festival offers a variety of classes, workshops, tasty treats and music. It’s seriously affordable and community-minded, held in majestically nostalgic settings such as Brisbane’s Old […]