Love in the yoga studio: Is a student-teacher romantic relationship ok?

You’re attracted to them, spiritually and physically, but they’re your teacher. What do you do? “Hungry ghosts represent the parts of us that can never be satisfied,” I heard the meditation instructor say from my back-row seat in the packed contemplative centre. I’d just returned home after teaching English for a year in Japan. I […]

7 Rituals to Love – Create Calm with these Peaceful Practices


LIFE has a way of spinning out of control. Even when you have organised your calendar and allocated clear spaces of time to dedicate to your practice, work and family duties can multiply and compete for your attention until every day feels like a race to get things done. Your practice and rituals get postponed […]

Choose Peace: Overcoming overwhelm to find your centre


PEACE IS ALWAYS A CHOICE No matter where you are in life, nor what’s happening around you, you always have the power to choose your response to any given situation. It can be difficult to find peace, but if you apply the tool of mindfulness in action you will find it. Difficult yoga poses prepare […]

Dharma Discovery: Refuel your love tank


Discovering your Dharma Years ago, the mere thought of the word purpose or Dharma sent me into a spin. I barely understood what I enjoyed in life, let alone what my purpose was. But that is it. That, right there, is it. Finding out what you enjoy. Ask yourself: What lights that flame within you? What […]

Inspirational insights and a zest for life


What does inspiration look like? To live from a place of inspiration is to be connected with your deepest sense of creativity, purpose, and zest for life. It is to recognise the movements of nature inside and outside yourself. It is to be in touch with that which gives life its deepest meaning, and to […]

Holy cow! Living love at the Krishna Village

patting cow at Krishna Village

It’s a foggy morning at the Krishna Village Farm, with mist hanging in the hills of the caldera and the sun just rising to illuminate the top of Mt. Warning. A magical atmosphere of peace, quiet and meditational mantra chanting. Even peacock Nila has decided to add to the picture by gracing the Jacaranda tree […]

Self love: Rituals to nourish love, care and compassion

self love

Journey to self love After leaving a very violent and abusive relationship, I had so little self love that I couldn’t recognise love at all. I couldn’t appreciate the love of my friends. I couldn’t nurture the love I received from the young beautiful man I was dating at the time. I couldn’t see the […]

Sex-Free September


Sex takes energy As human beings, we have a natural, innate instinct to have sex; to procreate. It’s hard-wired into our body and our consciousness. But it can also take up a lot of energy. The thought of sex, the fantasy, the desire, the lead up, the build up, the chase, the choosing (the swiping), the courting, […]

Nude yoga: Baring all

nude yoga

AYJ – What inspired you to create Nude Yoga? ROSIE – My own body image issues and learning to love my imperfections inspired me to start holding nude yoga workshops. I found that when I did my yoga practice naked, I felt a deeper sense of self-acceptance, body love and freedom in my skin, versus […]