Turn your world upside down

Is yoga a part of your daily routine? Adding in the use of a headstand bench is a great way to feel your best and keep your routine fresh. A headstand bench is made to help you do headstands without the pressure on your neck, arms, and shoulders. It can improve blood circulation and reduce […]

What to look for in an Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

eco mat

When purchasing an Eco Friendly Yoga mat, make sure the mat is made of natural plant materials that are non-toxic and are completely biodegradable.  These need to be free of dyes and glues and are friendly to the earth and your body. Many yoga mats on the market today are labeled as being eco-friendly.  Some of […]

Yoga Shopping

Thinking about opening up a yoga studio? Or perhaps you want to start your very own yoga inspired shop. Or maybe, you just want to surround yourself with all things yoga. Check out these Asian destinations for all of your yoga shopping needs.  Yoga is everywhere, in your home town, in big cities and in exotic countries. We […]

Best Yoga Mats For…

best yoga mat

Yoga mats are personal. What’s right for one person is wrong for another. We asked some yoga teachers their personal faves and why. Best sweat-resistant yoga mat: Lululemon The Reversible Mat 3mm For those who like their yoga hot, this is one of stickiest mats on the market. One side has a top layer of […]

Yoga mats are just the beginning: 10 products we love for on and off the mat

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We come across so many ethical, natural yoga mats and other products whilst putting together the pages of our print magazine. Some of these goodies have already made it into the pages of AYJ –  we wanted to share them here plus some extra, essential products we’ve stumbled upon during the making of each love […]

New Yoga Mat Perfect for Travelling

Wandering Yogi Mat

A yoga mat is a very personal thing. Dominique Sasha, founded Wandering Yogi to make yoga accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Dominique relied on yoga to help balance the stresses of her corporate job, but found that carrying a yoga mat everywhere simply wasn’t feasible, restricting her practice to a local studio. Through Dominique’s […]

Yoga Mat Company Makes Every Customer a “Light Giver”

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Sahaja are a yoga mat company that gives back. For every yoga mat they sell, they donate a solar light to families in Mozambique.  So everyone who buys a yoga mat, is a light giver. Judes Yang is the Founding Light Giver of Sahaja Yoga Mats.  She is an International Yoga teacher with over 1500 […]

Yoga213 happy tank

Join the happiness revolution wearing one of these super cute happy singlets. $69.95 www.213apparel.com.au