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Welcome to Shantarasa Yoga

Shantarasa means the “quintessential peace” residing equally in everyone at all times, and yoga demonstrates how to fully access this potential.  Skilful yoga practice enables us to uplift ourselves in every moment and every situation.
We have found that in our forty years of experience intensively practicing and teaching, yoga can be incorporated to bring grace, resilience and ease into all life stages.  Shantarasa yoga training will guide you to teach others with inspiration, joy and skill from a strong experiential base.  Our courses are also widely attended by people who just love yoga and want to enhance their experience.
We offer an extensive timetable of yoga classes out of our beautiful boutique studio in Adelaide.
We also offer accredited teacher training certificate courses, as well as yoga clinics and workshops in Australia, India and New York annually in a number of formats including residential intensive immersions.
With Shantarasa Yoga find perfect poise in the midst of the great dance of life.
We invite you to meet us right there and explore all that yoga holds for you.