Pranayama to Soothe Frazzled Nerves and Cultivate Clarity


By Crystal Fenton Your breath provides a window into your current energetic state: Shallow, laboured breaths, like those you experience during a tough workout, indicate an activated, heated sympathetic nervous system (your fight-flight-freeze response). Deep, slow breaths,  on the other hand—the kind you experience when you slip into Savasana or sit in meditation—stimulate the parasympathetic […]

The anatomy of breath: Understanding the importance of breathing in yoga


TAKE A MOMENT TO THINK about your breath: Is it deep or shallow? Slow or fast? It’s interesting that it can take a few moments to gure out our patterns of breathing, even though it’s something we’re always doing. The reason most of us can’t pinpoint what’s happening right away is because breathing happens unconsciously: It’s […]

The Marvels of Meditation


AS YOGA HAS BECOME popular in the West, the mistaken idea that yoga and asana are one and the same has become widespread – when in truth, the practice is about meditation. For as long as we believe this to be true we will remain stuck practicing in ways that lack transformative power and stuck […]

Rest Well: Discover the art of rest to find peace within


The art of rest We live in a complex world. Most of us are living modern lifestyles, moving around at a busy pace that doesn’t leave much space for slowing down for rest or recovery. In order to simply function in the world we take on certain pressures to keep up with societal demands, drawing […]