Corporate no more: Ditching the nine to five for a career in yoga


Is it clichéd to say an impressive job title and income can’t necessarily buy happiness? Possibly – but truth remains in its sentiment. What good is a six-figure salary if your heart isn’t invested? A sedentary, screen-gazing cycle of endless targets and deadlines can make human beings feel like burned-out human ‘doings’. Many do flourish […]

Revelling in Rishikesh


Arriving in Rishikesh feels like a coming home. The flowing Ganaga, the air hazed with incense smoke and flavoured with the smell of ceremony. The self-professed world capital of yoga has my heart, and it’ll take yours too. After travelling to Rishikesh in Northern India for the first time in 2014, I’ve found myself back […]

Daily life as a yogi: Rituals to integrate into your yogic lifestyle


Living a yogic lifestyle looks different in the modern world from what it did traditionally. So what does daily life look like as a yogi? And how can you harness the power of yogic rituals to truly walk your talk? Seane Corn – Yoga Teacher and Co-Founder, Off the Mat, Into the World Q – […]

Yoga teachers: How to live the dream while creating career success

yoga teachers

Yoga teachers – living the dream? I love everything about being a yoga teacher. I love the creativity of weaving intentions and philosophies into the classes I teach. I love seeing the physical benefits of the practice in others, and the realisations achieved by those students on so many levels. I love the connection with […]

Dharma Discovery: Refuel your love tank


Discovering your Dharma Years ago, the mere thought of the word purpose or Dharma sent me into a spin. I barely understood what I enjoyed in life, let alone what my purpose was. But that is it. That, right there, is it. Finding out what you enjoy. Ask yourself: What lights that flame within you? What […]

Inspirational insights and a zest for life


What does inspiration look like? To live from a place of inspiration is to be connected with your deepest sense of creativity, purpose, and zest for life. It is to recognise the movements of nature inside and outside yourself. It is to be in touch with that which gives life its deepest meaning, and to […]

Turmeric Latte: Healthy and Delicious

Tumeric recipes

Utilising functional spices in your recipes to support a healthy lifestyle is a wonderful way to start the journey of healing from the inside out, or boost an already naturally nourishing lifestyle. Turmeric is a spice that is regaining popularity lately for a variety of reasons. Spices have been the foundation of many traditional diets and […]