If you have a subscription to Yoga Journal here’s what you need to know.

As we move into the 6th month of Covid restrictions, Yoga Journal would like to update you on what effect this has had on our business and what this means to you as a subscriber. 

We pressed pause on producing the printed issue of Yoga Journal in April this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.The decision was made due to most of Yoga Journal’s supporters — yoga studios, retreats and teacher training facilities having to close their business or re-assess the services they offered as mandated by the Federal government. Furthermore, many newsagents have reduced trading hours or shut altogether. 

We are pleased to advise you that we will be re-commencing Australian Yoga Journal this month with a digital magazine which will be available via our website a reduced price and will be distributed FREE to subscribers

What’s Happening With My Subscription?

All subscribers will get their issues they have left fulfilled digitally. PLUS, all subscribers will receive some great extra value with your first delivery to thank your for you patience. Going forward, the magazine will contain the same information as the print issue, in an easy-to-read format for the phone, tablet and desktop, with home practices, recipes and inspiring stories, sequencing, and interviews. Here’s a small sample what it will look like on a phone.

But I wanted the paper issue.

Sorry, we simply can’t publish the information on paper anymore. We would if we could, but we can’t because of COVID and its impact on yoga businesses, and the production and distribution chains for printed magazines.

Can I get my money back?

Yes, you can. When the issue comes out there will be an option to get a refund for remainder of your subscription. However, we urge to stick around and check it out as things aren’t going to the be same. They’ll be better. Subscribers will get a lot more than they used to.

What will be different?

With the new digital format, we have the capability to bring you even more goodies such as free guided meditations, free and guided home practices, big discounts on a variety of yoga-related online products and well as podcasts with your favourite teachers. 

Do we have your email address?

Some of our subscribers may have subscribed to the print version via iSubscribe, ZINIO or Magshop, third-party companies that can’t share emails with us due to privacy laws. If you did subscribe through one of these, then we don’t have your email address. To ensure you don’t miss the latest issue, please join our mailing list here:

Thank You.

We genuinely wanted to thank you for your patience. This has been a trying time. But yoga has survived for 5000 years and Yoga Journal for 50 years. We do hope you continue to enjoy the magazine in its new format. You can expect it to be available in a couple of weeks and then regularly every month after that. If you have any questions, please send them to info@yogajournal.com.au.

The Yoga Journal team