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Yoga Videos

Zama Institute

zama posevideo
Zama Institute delivers world-class yoga, meditation, barre and Pilates teacher training programs in Brisbane, Toowoomba and online. Study with us and teach worldwide! 

Himalaya Yoga Valley, Goa India

Himalaya Yoga Valley have been training Yoga teachers at our centre in Goa for over a decade and in that time have...

Ray of Light’s Teacher Training

Ray of Light teacher Trainingvideo
Ray of Light's Teacher Training course is designed to be a personal and transformational experience that celebrates the gift of life as our greatest...

Dru Yoga training―Step onto a new path

Pursue your passion, advance your career and deepen your yoga practice   The Dru Yoga training course is both a teacher training and an in-depth personal...

FREE online Yin Yoga Class

The beautiful Carrie-Anne Fields from My Health Yoga combines masculine and feminine energy in this lovely Vin Yin Balanced Beauty sequence bought to you...

A 20 Minute Yoga Class for the Psoas Muscle: By Janie...

It's been claimed that psoas muscle (pronounced SO-as) may be the most important muscle in your body. Without this essential muscle group, the moves you take...
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